Duquesne Photography

Originality Inspires

Who I Am

This is Duquesne Photography.  The name is a bit misleading because I'm not based in Duquesne, PA.  I tend to roam around doing what I do.  I'm a freelance photographer.  I take pictures in my own unique style and sell them in a variety of formats.

It's a fun and rewarding job!  I've been in my own field since 2010, and I've sold many prints and collages.  I want to give people a scene to enjoy.  The reason people buy my photography is because it speaks to them, hits something inside them that tells them to get the picture.

As of August 1, 2012, I currently use a Sony DSC-H90 Cybershot Camera.  Nothing too elaborate.  As I continue to dwell in photography and make more money, I hope to upgrade to more professional cameras, especially DSLR.

Why Us?

I want you to look at my scenes and have them speak to you.  Something about the picture should tell you to buy it.  Looking at a picture should inspire you, make you feel good, make you relive a great moment.  The best pictures should provide an escape into the photograph, so that everytime you look at it, you feel the same wonder you had the first time.